CBS–48 Hours Mystery: “Grave Injustice” Misleading and Dishonest

The centerpiece of the State’s case against Anthony Graves was the testimony of five witnesses who overheard very incriminating conversations between Robert Carter and Graves while they were in cells across from each other in the ‘old’ Burleson County Jail. There were utterances like: “We’ve got to protect Cookie (Carter’s wife) at all cost” and “I did it for you, so keep your ‘d—’ mouth shut!”

And just who were the five individuals who overheard those conversations? They included a deputy sheriff, a dispatcher, a jailer, an EMS employee and a visitor (non-law enforcement), who was there to see one of the dispatchers.

But if you listened to CBS 48 Hours on April 23rd, you would have never known that Richard Schlesinger didn’t want his viewers to know who these five witnesses actually were. Why, because that would given credibility to the State’s case.

In a deliberate effort to mislead the audience into believing that the five who testified for the State in the Graves trial were ‘jail birds,’ he very cleverly said that four or five people down at the jail testified regarding these conversations. It was neatly orchestrated to leave an impression that they were all inmates.

Otto Hanak, the chief investigator for District Attorney Bill Parham, even carried the charade a bit further when he said that he had talked to all of them (but never said who), and in so many words, said none was credible. (Two of those witnesses are dead, but their sworn testimony could have been introduced in subsequent trial.)

Then Hanak, in an attempt to further ‘muddy the water,’ said that speakers in some of the cells weren’t working at the time. My response is simple: if a deputy sheriff, a dispatcher, a jailer and an EMS employee all overheard those utterances, then obviously something had to be working!

It didn’t stop there, though. Schlesinger said that Graves failed a lie detector test, which is true. But what he didn’t tell his nationwide audience was that he actually failed two of them. In 2008, Graves decided that he could pass if given a chance to take another one, so his attorneys asked Pat Batchlor, the special prosecutor at the time, if he would dismiss the case if Graves passed a second lie detector test.

Batchlor consented and the test was administered by a polygraph operator in Dallas that both the State and Defense agreed on. He failed! Schlesinger and his staff at 48 Hours were aware of this because I personally provided them with that information during my interview. It is also in one of the articles posted on my website.

And apparently the staff at CBS didn’t want their audience to know that Graves had a prior criminal record and was on ten years probation for Delivery of a Controlled Substance when the murders occurred. Again the staff at CBS knew this because I told them, but I also realize that this would have destroyed the “Mr. Clean” image they were trying to project for Anthony Graves. So it’s a tidbit of information that they obviously didn’t want to be included in their ‘sitcom.’

Schlesinger also managed to mention that Graves said he never owned a knife (now acknowledged). But what he didn’t tell his CBS audience was that Graves was under oath when he said that while testifying before the Burleson County Grand Jury. That is “perjury!” Both Schlesinger and his staff were aware of that too, because once again, it’s something that I told them!

In addition, Schlesinger failed to mention that Graves was arrested in Chappell Hill, Texas three weeks before the murders by a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper and charged with Possession of Marijuana and Driving while Intoxicated. Because of Graves’ indictment for Capital Murder, his probation was never revoked and the charges were later dismissed.

Then there is the motive issue. While the producers at CBS 48 Hours went to great lengths to lead its viewers to believe that there was absolutely no motive for Graves to be involved in this crime, they left out one thing.

Both Bobbie Davis (one of the murder victims) and Graves’ mother worked together at the State School in Brenham. During the investigation, law enforcement learned that Bobbie Davis received a promotion that Graves’ mother thought she should have received. Members of the Currie/Graves family thought that the promotion occurred because Davis was having an (alleged) affair with the supervisor that made the selection—and that obviously created a bit of bad blood between the two families. The CBS 48 Hour staff was also aware of this, but chose not to make any mention of it on their program.

At the very end of the program, Kelly Seigler launched a ‘viscous’ personal attack directed toward me. Space doesn’t permit me to fully address the reason here, but if you will go to my website noted below and read “Trapped in a Web of Lies,” you will understand the motive behind that verbal attack.

I urge you to go to and get the facts. You’ll be shocked, dismayed and disappointed at how dishonest the media has been about this case.